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Anna was (fruitlessly) looking for a morally upstanding man of strong values in a dating scene of bankers, property developers and the inherited rich.(Insert your own needles and haystack joke here.) I was, equally fruitlessly, looking for a happy and contented woman in a dating scene awash with bored mature students, frustrated ‘undiscovered’ actors and depressed public-sector apparatchiks, who would tell me they were going to get started on writing their first novel ‘any day now’.She shops in Prada, he buys his clothes in charity shops.Rob Crossan explains how love works across the financial divide – just don’t tell her about the meal deals Have you ever seen a female multimillionaire stare blankly at a pork pie?She’s been asked to be a dragon on Dragon’s Den; I’ve been asked to go on BBC Radio Scotland to talk about crisps.

But, as she would later tell me, ‘I would have gone to Wetherspoons if you’d wanted to.’ Because she admitted on the first night we spent together that she’d spotted something in me beyond the surface of my dating profile before we even met that she’d been seeking for rather a long time.Anna is one of the few people I’ve met while dating in the last few years who isn’t either unhappy with their career or, more commonly, still talking in their early forties about what they’d like to do with their lives.Similarly – and nobody is more surprised by this than me – I am, in Anna’s eyes, one of the few men she’s met of late who has some sort of moral ethical code beyond continual selfish self-reward.We’re most comfortable when we’re lying on the sofa together or at a bar talking about books, box sets, the state of Russia today and (a favourite of Anna’s) why British men can’t ever wear trousers that fit them properly – an area where, she claims, Russian males are world leaders.Despite all this, though, I confess I’m still not quite sure I can be completely myself around her at all times.

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