Mental illness singles dating

Choose one or two sites that fit with your end goals, beliefs, or interests, and focus on those.You’ll be more apt to find compatible matches before you burn out.

When I joined the online dating scene in 2011, I strategically crafted my profile with the right keywords, phrases, and photos that I thought would grant me the best chance of landing a date, and hopefully, a long-term relationship that would end in marriage.

It may be tempting to replicate your profile across a dozen dating apps to seemingly increase your chances of success, but think again.

Managing connections across multiple platforms can leave your phone vibrating with notifications all day long, making you feel overwhelmed and exhausted before you’ve really dived in.

Seeing an attractive photo may sway you to let up your preference for dating a non-smoker or someone without kids.

Write down which characteristics are a must for you, and then stick with them.

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