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Kerry Katona is the bookies’ favourite to get the boot in this weekend’s Dancing On Ice – but Sam Attwater remains as the favourite to win the show despite admitting his relationship to partner Brianne Delcourt was a ‘sham’.The former cocaine addict is the even-money favourite to be kicked off the show following last week’s shaky performance which saw her being saved by the judges after the skate-off as Comedy Dave Vitty was sent home.There's also has a three-year-old daughter, Dylan Jorge (known as DJ), with third husband George Kay. She briefly dated Scottish reality TV star and comedian James English, but they split after two months of dating.Kerry Katona was reportedly heartbroken last week, after her ex-bandmates Liz and Natasha re-recorded the World Cup edition of the Atomic Kitten 2001 hit Whole Again.

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She has since made headlines thanks to stints on reality shows, her love life and media coverage of her personal struggles.

Cousins said: ''It was fantastic..a great performance'', but added the dismounts from the lifts were ''clunky''.

Former East Enders actor Sam Attwater also notched up an impressive 24.5 for his daring choreography, which featured the risky ''headbanger'' move, leaving his partner Brianne Delcourt's hair skimming the ice as he spun her around by her feet.

magazine, the 30-year-old admitted that she had had a "proper girlie night" out with Amy Childs, Nicola Mc Lean, Danielle Brown and some of her management team.

"I've never laughed so much in my whole life - we were like a bunch of blokes on a stag night," Katona said.

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