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[Laughs] I happened to be friends with Zach Braff and I played him the song.

And he told me, “You know, you should demo that song and send it to Bill Lawrence – who created the show Scrubs – because he’s always looking for new music to put on the show.” And I just thought, whatever, you know.

We recently caught up with Radin to discuss the new album, life on the road, performing at Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi’s wedding, and so much more. Sydney, I’m gonna do this at The Factory Theater tomorrow night. I know it’s been a while since i visited, but I still love you. I try to place the listener of every song into that place in my head. That sounds strange, but after years and years of seeking out an audience by trying to paint and sell my paintings, or trying to write screenplays and sell them and get them made into movies, I was always seeking an audience for something I was doing creatively.

This was the first thing I ever tried that was just a hobby and the audience sort of found me in the early days of Myspace and TV and film, things like that.

The songs "Today", "Closer", "Don't Look Away" and "These Photographs" were also used on the show.

Singer-songwriter Joshua Radin has a special knack for capturing and reflecting on life-defining moments. A post shared by Joshua Radin (@joshuaradin) on That’s a good question. And I think that probably comes from having an art background and then writing screenplays for years.

But I had to learn, so I just went on tour and started playing every night and learning by doing. My favorite quote is an Abraham Lincoln quotation: “I walk slowly, but never backwards.” And that’s kind of how I feel about my career, the longer it takes to build something, the longer it takes to tear it down.

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It crashed the NBC website when the show aired because people were trying to figure out who wrote the song.Radin’s soulful songs have been featured in more than 100 TV shows and films over the past decade, and he’s good friends with stars like Zach Braff and Ellen Degeneres. Even though you’re writing words on paper, it’s still a visual medium. So I think when I’m writing songs, I’m just looking around and seeing what I’m seeing and trying to describe it in the best way possible.But that’s all just icing on the cake for Radin, whose unexpected career didn’t even begin until he first picked up the guitar at age 30(! He’s come a long way since then – he’s about to release his seventh album , which drops on January 27, and he’s currently doing what he does best: delivering stirring live sets of his heart-rending tunes. I guess I fall into using metaphors for my relationships with what I’m seeing around me, whether it’s the weather or objects in front of me or what a room feels like that I’m in, you know, something like that.” And I’d just say, “Okay.” One of those weird serendipitous kind of things and I got really lucky to be in the right time at the right place.Well that immediate thing that happened right away made me decide to throw all my energy into writing songs.

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