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I have resolved to copying the songs that are in the smart playlist to a regular playlist to get the playlist onto the i Phone. I had the same problem with songs duplicating on my i Phone from smart lists.I fixed it by going into the smart list criteria and un-checking the box titled "Live Updating".

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If you try to play the song, a window will pop up telling you i Tunes cannot find the song. When you select "Yes", a search window will pop up.

then I updated the lists on my phone - all the duplicates were removed. Turns out i Tunes lost the path between the playlists and my music folder location on my computer.

If you go to the i Tunes "Library" box on the left, select "Music" then go to the main screen and look at all of your songs in the "Songs" format.

Now I’m Beta6/7 they’ve added the feature where they actually update live just like i Tunes on the desktop!

The only problem I’ve seen is that if you have the playlist open while it’s being updated (when a song finishes playing) Music will crash and the phone will respring. I've had a smart playlist since Apple Music was launched which adds tracks that I've Loved to a playlist.

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