Issues updating xp service pack 3

If you are talking about a single machine/hardware config, you could make an image of the system using any of the many system imaging programs, then just re-deploy the image whenever you want to do a full re-install.If you're mainly talking about Windows, you could slipstream the various updates into an updated installer disc.Step 1 - Download and install SP3: Take a look at the Service Pack Center to find the download link for the latest Service pack.From everything I've read, Service Pack 3 will be the last service pack to be released for XP.

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We’ve been filling the pages of Office Watch with Office update woes for years and Microsoft persists in making them a painful experience for their customers.That left those add-in makers scrambling to identify the problem and release an update.This is something that Microsoft could have avoided if it had wished to, but presumably either didn’t know nor care about the consequences for customers.Because of these problems we cannot recommend anyone install Office XP SP3 at this stage.Microsoft is being typically silent on the matter, and none of the common compatibility problems are even hinted at as ‘Known Issues’ with the update.

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