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Given a scenario of having just found an apneic patient with a palpable carotid pulse, candidates must demonstrate immediate management of the patient using simple airway maneuvers and adjuncts, bag-valve-mask device, and supplemental oxygen.Candidates will then complete the adult presentation by placing an endotracheal tube (ET).The exam will cover the entire spectrum of EMS care including: Airway, Respiration & Ventilation; Cardiology & Resuscitation; Trauma; Medical; Obstetrics/Gynecology; EMS Operations.Items related to patient care are focused on adult and geriatric patients (85%) and pediatric patients (15%).

The Paramedic psychomotor examination consists of twelve skills presented in a scenario-type format.After remedial training is complete, the candidate is given three additional attempts to pass the Paramedic cognitive exam, provided all other requirements for National Certification are met.Candidates who fail to pass after a total of six attempts are required to repeat the entire Paramedic course.The National Registry has disciplinary procedures, rights of appeal and due process within its policies.Complete information about the National Registry Disciplinary Policy and Rights of Appeal can be found here.

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