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But north eastern women do not behave aggressively like Bengali women do! Since when shouting and aggressive gesticulating are signs of confidence? Give her a slight provocation and you will regret that you were ever born, such is the avalanche of abuse and name calling you will encounter! Even in a tribal society like the Mizos, their womenfolk always determines what happens in the household, but that do not feel the need to behave with wild aggression like Bengali women do! Just wanted to add that - please stop that BS about only Bengali society being non discriminatory about sons and daughters. The North Eastern states have been non-discriminatory much before Bengalis adopted such stance.

Some states even have matriarchal societies where the girls get all the properties and rights.

However, not hiring a woman capable of filling a role at your workplace simply because she is a woman is illegal.

Joelle Emerson, founder of Paradigm, a former women’s rights lawyer and a guest on the show, pointed out the serious legal flaw after hearing the disturbing admission.

Did such environment make the North Eastern women dominating/intimidating/ aggressive ?

In fact the average household in Kerala has more educated women in India, but they do not use that as an excuse to act overbearingly! But then so are the women from North Eastern states - the 7 sisters land. ) And this emanates from a prevailing culture of self entitlement they learn early in life.

I remember her ex kissed me, and I didn’t do anything.. She hooked me up with 2 of my ex boyfriends in the past, and they approached me but failed because of the control, and chasing me. because she gives good eye contact, and can talk to anyone.

They’re the jealous type if they have low self esteem, and are selfish looking, when threaten. but she’s highly manipulative, and can make you feel bad, and feel worthless. against me, and made me feel like I was a slut, and a backstabbing friend. if I liked a guy I would run, and tell her about it.

Feel free to join in on the discussion in the comments below and tell us what you think of Johnathan’s remarks.

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