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"We launched the site and thought it was a good idea, but we never thought about how it would affect us," she says.

It was at a country show where the sisters were manning a Muddy Matches stand that they came face-to-face with the consequences of their endeavours.

"For example, Emma would certainly be muddier than me," admits Lucy.

"She lives and works on the farm, whereas I have spent quite a bit of time abroad, and lived in London for a while, although I'm pretty much based in the country all the time now." The two matchmakers had no concerns about any negative connotations surrounding the concept of internet dating.

You can't go that far if the cows need milking at 4am, so it's very difficult to get out and find new social circles and ways of meeting people." It's not just for farmers, however.

"What we found when we formed Muddy Matches was that there's a narrow view of what country people do, and we didn't want to stereotype, which is why we came up with this concept of 'muddiness' and the muddy-townie ratio," explains Lucy.

The idea behind the online survey I've just taken is to gauge exactly how far my country-mindedness extends in order to help me meet others with a similar level of "muddiness." It was devised by Lucy and Emma Reeves, English sisters who grew up on a farm and decided that, given how hard it was to meet people in rural settings, and with shared interests in country life, there was a gap in the market they could step, welly-clad, into.

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