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It gives us a chance to get outside and just catch-up as we make a few laps around the walking trail.

You can either go to a local park or just walk along the city sidewalk.

Anyone that’s been married for any length of time can tell you, it’s super easy to slip into a ho-hum day-to-day routine (I know……BORING!!!! We get into a routine and lose that imaginative edge we used to create the relationship.

He isn’t just the guy who cuts the grass and fixes the leaky faucet, he is your husband.

With a little imagination and small amount of planning, you can keep that spark glowing and show your romantic side is in full swing ;).

Additionally, check the local / state fishing license requirements.

The courtship of your spouse did not end at “I do.” It’s important that you don’t forget that!

You must continue to build your relationship and inexpensive date nights are a great way to do that very thing.

If you want to be happy in your marriage and Love Your Life, then this is where you take action.

So, find out what is important to your spouse and create a date night around that. Let them know that you are looking to spend some Quality Time with them and wanting to invest in your relationship.

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