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Your image, how the outside world (and your date) sees you, is composed of multiple components of appearance and behavior. People who try to improve one and not the others usually are unsuccessful.

It is often said that a “first impression” is made in the first three seconds. It may take a little extra time every day to improve and upgrade areas of weakness, but the payoff in terms of magnetic appeal can be tremendous.

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This acknowledges the fact that the various components of your image are interdependent.

Conversely when you interact comfortably with someone very attractive, your increased self-confidence will motivate you to attend to various issues like clothing, skincare, and weight.

Change must occur therefore in two directions at the same time, so that physical, emotional, and social improvement is thought of as a single unit, not separate problems to be dealt with sequentially.

When you go on a date, what will the other person notice?

Will it be your outfit, your hair, your skin, your weight, your physique, your self-confidence, or your interpersonal skills? If any one of these is drastically out of balance your date might have the wrong impression and the evening could be less than successful.

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