How to run dating ads on facebook dating 14 years

Carousel title & CTA: Each of the carousel card titles highlights either a consumer benefit or specific feature of the product.

They are short and concise enough not to get cut off on mobile newsfeed ad placement.

The short looping videos make it more immersive and engaging than regular images.

Finally, the use of a single image in the second to last carousel card breaks the expectation of another video and effectively draws attention to the 100 day trial offer.

In this ad, UK mattress company Simba utilises the carousel ad format with short, feature-rich videos and a single image to market their Hybrid Mattress.

The video reinforces the social proof mentioned in the ad copy referencing different business owners.

Clear link title, description & CTA: The link title below the video “Launch Your Website Today” is clear and direct, implying that this ad is for you to take the final action to launch your website.

This time a much longer video that goes in-depth and educates the target audience about eight rules for choosing a domain name.

Another excellent use of the carousel ad format this time from eco baby brand Kit & Kin.

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