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Who: Jessica Simpson Type: Football Players After her reality TV-documented marriage ended in divorce, Jessica Simpson started looking outside of the pop star realm to find a mate.

Her most notable relationships that followed the Lachey/Simpson split were with professional football guys Tony Romo (of the Dallas Cowboys) and presently, Eric Johnson (formerly of the New Orleans Saints), to whom she is married and has two children with.

Lucky for men such as Pete Doherty, Jamie Hince, and Johnny Depp, Moss has long perfected the slightly-disheveled-but-could-still-stop-traffic look, so it's certain that she's taught these nearly identical flames a thing or two.

Who: Ben Affleck Type: Women Named Jennifer Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner may not have much in common, but they do share a significant figure in both of their romantic pasts (or presents, in Garner's case.) Gone Girl actor Affleck went from a very high-profile, but ultimately failed engagement to Lopez in 2004, before settling down with Garner, with whom he now has three children.

Instead, it will forever be known as the movie that launched the love story that is Brangelina.

The 2004 flick isn't the first time Angie found love on set.

And this doesn't just influence her on-stage antics, but her choice in men as well.

Who: Madonna Type: Younger Men Madonna has proved over and over that age is just a number.

She has multiple exes with an over 20-year age gap.

Who: Alex Rodriguez Type: Blonde A-Listers A-Rod has cozied up to gorgeous golden-haired girls such as Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, and Madonna, proving that to be on the baseball player's radar, a lady must be famous enough to merit an Academy Award's invitation—not to mention some serious paparazzi attention—and, of course, sport blonde locks.

Whether you daydream about a vintage leather jacket-sporting musician, a military man all trussed up in uniform, an Ivy League educated prepster clad in cable knit Ralph Lauren and khakis, or simply have a penchant for tanned, toned forearms, and icy blues eyes, when it comes to love (and lust) everyone has a type, or at the least, a preference. So it's no surprise that his marital history includes Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively, (his current wife—and soon to be mother of his child) cementing the fact that Reynolds's type isn't just gorgeous actresses, but specifically, towheaded blondes equipped with figures to rival Marilyn Monroe's.

Below, 17 Hollywood stars who all seem to stick to a very specific "type." Who: Ryan Reynolds Type: Blonde Bombshells With such classic hunky looks, Ryan Reynolds (chiseled jaw, melt-worthy smile, etc.) obviously attracts some lovely Hollywood ladies.

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