Holistic online dating

Even the United States military has showed a marked increase in the use of methods such as hypnosis, relaxation exercise, meditation, spiritual healing and energy healing--according to a study done by the Samueli Institute in Alexandria, Virginia.

Their leading-edge research reported that of the study’s 16,000 active duty participants, 45% had used at least one means of holistic healing in the year preceding the study.

I’ve known many happy couples that have dated, even found their life partner on such sites. For example, more than 20% of women post pictures from when they were younger and 40% of men lie about their jobs.

While problematic, these falsehoods aren’t the real danger in the online dating arena.

They circumvent the single profile per phone number and email address by purchasing throwaway phones and creating scores of email addresses.

(I personally think that they are almost singlehandedly keeping the Tracfone company in business.) There are no sites that are 100% safe from the scammer.

Free and paid alike are the hunting grounds for these deceivers. Some are sad and lonely people, but they lack confidence to speak to an individual they find attractive.

As an ordained minister, she feels strongly about the role that the human spirit plays in healing saying, “You can’t change your behavior and not change your emotions --your spirituality.” When asked to describe her role in her clients’ lives she responded, I am a validator, cheerleader, encourager. I have to follow the truth that I perceive, so people can do that with me.

I ask questions so that people can discover who they are and answer the questions themselves. A holistic counselor is conscious of clients in their totality; they take an integrative approach to healing the mind.

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