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At certain points in our conversation, when we touch on his father and his yearning for one big comeback role, he begins to tear up a bit. There was a messed up Radar Online that surfaced back in January of you smoking heroin and saying some pretty crazy shit. I went to rehab in 2009, so that video is from sometime in April 2009. So, I called my brother up and told him it’d be cool to do a short film about our uncles, Carl and Keith, for our Dad.

It was after Celebrity Rehab and I’d been clean for a while, and once you’re clean you don’t know hang out with people who get high anymore. I prefaced it by saying, “Bill Clinton was such a dog, that…” so they cut out the story angle. ” and she opened it, and it was this pretty girl sitting there smoking… I said, “OK, you can stay.”I spoke to Juliette Lewis a few days ago, which is an interesting coincidence. My brother thought it was a cool idea, and a few months later, he sent me a script for a feature. This was back in 2008, and I didn’t get sober ’til 2009.

Sizemore, a Detroit native, is also serving as a producer on the film, and has turned to crowdfunding to raise the last 0,000 to film it in Detroit. We’re seated across from one another at a restaurant in Downtown Manhattan and the actor is nibbling on fried calamari and sipping an iced tea. And Brad Pitt apparently gave you his blessing to see her? Brad was out of the picture by then, but she said [in Lewis voice], “You gotta talk to Braaaad before I do anything.” At the time, she’d done , so she was the best young actress to come along in quite some time. We ended up in one room in her mansion and never furnished it. My uncles were bright, educated men and I didn’t have any idea when I was a kid that they were drug addicts who made their money, essentially, as thieves.

He looks remarkably good for his age (and past indiscretions), though still possesses a bit of the post-addict jitters, characterized by rushed, broken speech. I have no idea how you and Juliette started dating after making that because Scagnetti and Mallory do not like each other one bit in the film.[Laughs] You know, that was the first piece of work I did that I was really proud of. Your first big film was Born on the Fourth of July. They’d do things like steal snowmobiles from warehouses and sell ’em.

As of last September, Phillips was interred in a rehab facility for the tenth time.

The film, written by his brother Aaron, bills itself as a “gritty noir thriller/dark comedy” about three neighborhood thieves in Detroit who hatch a plot to rob the local pawnbroker of his valuable baseball card collection. He also lost his best friend during 9/11 who actually worked at the Pentagon but was at Cantor Fitzgerald discussing his portfolio that day.If I upload this to You Tube, you’re fucked.” And I said, “Why would you do that? You also claimed once that then-President Bill Clinton demanded Elizabeth Hurley’s number, who you were seeing at the time. The party ended and I heard this lighter noise coming from my bathroom over and over again, so I went to open the door and it wouldn’t open. I don’t even do drugs anymore.” He disappeared for two years, and reappeared last year after my memoir came out and asked for money again. In addition to the second season of Sundance TV’s The Red Road, which begins shooting Oct. I got into it with Val [Kilmer] on the set and I told him, “I’ve never going to another planet with you again! I don’t want to disparage it too much, but I should’ve waited for a better starring role with a better script.9, he’s got a starring role in the upcoming film Durant’s Never Closes, which he describes as similar to Angel Heart. I think he regrets getting involved with that group [Scientology], but he doesn’t seem to be able to extricate himself from it. It defogs all the crazy stuff going on with Scientology, and there’s a lot of bad stuff going on there. Let’s talk about your upcoming project, An Honest Thief.

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