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Tim Meadows' "The Ladies Man" character and a bunch of narration from Modeling School Central keeps the Handsome Boy concept going, but it's a concept that could carry one album, not two (also of note: "The Ladies Man"'s appearances are often tacked right onto the end of tracks, making the album more difficult to whittle down to a concise mixtape).Minus Del tha Funkee Homosapien and Casual, the rappers on White People sound too aware of their surroundings, too mannered.his HBMS playboy alter ego Chest Rockwell, were chatting with . Let’s fix Jay-Z’s is that back in 1999 I used to terrorize my fellow DJs at our Midwestern college-radio station by blasting the exuberant turntablist workout “Holy Calamity [Bear Witness II]” at incredible volume.Your Handsome People at this juncture are DJ Quest and the mighty DJ Shadow, he of 1996’s epochal sampling collage , featuring the ultrarare acceptable five-dot ellipsis.) I want you to imagine this righteous jam disrupting stately blocks of indie-rock-ish tunes from Built to Spill, the Flaming Lips, Wilco, and so forth.On June 17, 2004, Rob Bourdon gave a interview to XFM, saying: "We're planning on doing some writing soon, but we find we can write and demo stuff on the bus or wherever.Once you get started on a track and have ideas you need to preserve the spontaneity of them.As for collaborations, I'd love to do some stuff with a number of people.

one-half of the spectacular underground-rap duo Handsome Boy Modeling School, a.k.a.

Instead, the team shipped off one of its best players for next to nothing and paid a massive premium for a left tackle.

I am the original DJ Jazzy Jay From the Mighty Mighty Zulu Nation First I'll say my name is um Original scratch creater Grand Wizard Theodore For those who don't know, I started back out in '74.

No matter the era, no matter how unlikely the circumstances, when the Handsome Signal goes up, the handsome people come around.

In trading their left tackle to the Texans for a haul of draft picks, Miami is valuing the future more than the present.

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