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Zafirides adds that, "Education is critical within the values of a Greek family.From an early age, I remember being told about the importance of education and how it provided freedom, respect and autonomy.I do believe though, given the realities of contemporary American life, Greek families still hold hope that their children will be happy in their marriages, whether it's agreed upon or not." Zafirides says that he is thrilled to have found a lovely wife named Sophia, who just happens to be Greek as well.In traditional Greek families, there is an order to process of becoming engaged and married.Ancient Greeks celebrated beauty and athleticism through their Olympics and also their fashions, loosely draped gowns gathered at the waist and touching the floor.The form-fitting look suggested the sensuality of their gods, and the elegant goddess gown remains popular to this day.Greek family values are so strong that elements of tradition and culture transcend many generations.

In ancient times, for example, January was reserved for celebrating Hera, wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage and fertility.The engagement period can last for years, and the couple is given gifts.They each wear a ring on the left hand and move it to the right upon completing marriage vows."Religion is a very influential part of the Greek culture.This is understandable as Greece has one specific religion, namely the Greek Orthodox faith." Zafirides sees the Greek church as one of the things holding traditional culture together for American Greeks.

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