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Also, their main conflicts happen when "someone" or "something" doesn't behave or happen according to the unwritten rules of popularity or social conventionalism. It's like watching the rich people's life and commenting about it. As a male, I watched it only because of the gorgeous Leighton Meester and the super sexy blonde with the best legs in the business, Blake Lively. If you're gonna have a badass hero, you have to give them a badass name.The more intimidating the name, the higher it lands in the rankings.See more » Throughout out the series, it's clear that the actors/actresses portraying teenagers are actually in their 20s .This is done as to not interfere with the schooling of real teenagers and to give the general viewing audience who are teenagers themselves someone they can look up too.Nate Archibald is Blair's boyfriend but ever since Serena came back from boarding school Nate has been acting strange. Daniel Humphrey, a lonely boy from Brooklyn, NY, who nobody knows. Penn Badgley was on the verge of quitting acting when he was offered the role of Dan Humphrey on this show.

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Your children’s grandparents deserve names that are as unique and fun as they are.

So while “grandma” and “grandpa” are all well and good, don’t be afraid to break tradition and draw inspiration from other customs and cultures.

Pierogis aren’t the only brilliant Polish invention; their words for grandparents are one-of-a-kind (and though it may look intimidating, “dziadzia” is simply pronounced “jah-jah”).

In southern Louisiana, they’re almost exclusively used.

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