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This score will determine placement on available applicant's list. **please note…you will need to bring your DMV printout to the oral interview.

All applicants when called to enter the apprenticeship program will be required to have a drug screening.

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We will discuss how you can make changes in hard scape to help eliminate or reduce bending over, and some tools and techniques you can do to help reduce muscle strain. In this class Brenda will focus not only on planting in the landscape but also growing in pots using familiar and some not so familiarspring bulbs.

You are committing to a five (5) year program of working on the jobsite eight hours per day and attending classes two (2) nights per week for the full five (5) years of training.

Missing or being late for class or work will not be tolerated.

En el valle central se pueden cultivar plantas todo el año.

En esta clase presentaremos los vegetales que crecen mejor en el invierno y técnicas de propagación y el momento de plantar.

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