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Who would have thought resting in a hoodie and tracks would come off as sexually inappropriate while others are doing drugs, half to fully naked, swearing every second like their life depends on it.I’m utterly and upmost disrespected by the makers of this app and they should not have the authority to remove innocent people from having a voice!( Facebook's own foray into the mobile messaging field is Facebook Messenger (Android, i OS), a dedicated messaging app that builds on Facebook's chat network and adds more mobile messaging features as well as extensions and add-ons.Users sign in via Facebook and can send other users the usual chat messages, as well as voice messages and voice and video calls to other Messenger users, with extra features like GIF support and photo and location sharing.

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It’s unbelievable that you allow the perpetrators to run wild and free and do whatever the heck they want to do to others but when it comes to the actual victim you ban them. I’ve countlessly reported so many accounts only to find them still running while my account gets removed from just sitting on my bed and having a conversation.

At its annual developer conference in April, Facebook said it's working on an update to Messenger called Lightspeed that will make the app faster while also taking up less storage space on your mobile device.

Other features coming to the app will let you watch videos with other people from within Messenger.

Late last year, Facebook updated Messenger with a slimmed-down interface that reduces the number of tabs so that it's easier to access the chat app's features; more recently, the app added the ability to delete messages from a conversation if you act within 10 minutes.

Look for more changes to come to Messenger this year.

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