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I believe it no doubt is the earliest form, for you can imagine in a primitive world your first desire is to put your fears to rest, and one of the greatest early fears must have been fear of others.Will my neighbor take my food, my animals, my shelter, my life? Eventually someone realized that their neighbor may be just as fearful of them, so they explained to the neighbor, “look Oog, I won’t fuck with you if you don’t fuck with me” and so it began perhaps, civilization.

Not wanting to offend, the tribe accepted and wore the sweaters.What comes from the loss of understanding of others in the positive Golden Rule is the actions of its adherents becoming trespasses and impositions upon others, possibly even harming them and taken to it’s extreme can be grounds for a most insidious form of tyranny, one where the tyrant is unaware of his tyranny.In fact, such a tyrant will no doubt believe that his tyranny is a gift, a favor, a blessing if you will bestowed upon another out of love.First, let me start with where it seems to have neither gained nor lost ground, and that’s the issue of selfishness. It doesn’t say “do for others what THEY would want done for THEM”, it says, “do for others what YOU would want done for YOU”.Now as far as selfishness itself, this variant seems on par with the earlier form but it’s a selfishness that leads to other problems and makes it what I see as a fundamental flaw.

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