Forefront definitions not updating wsus

The binary delta definition file is generally 1-15MB in size and is used if your client is more than a month behind in its definition updates.The delta definition file is generally 1-15MB in size (usually smaller than the binary delta definition file) and it installed typically on a daily basis (released 3 times a day).

First thing we need to do is setup a process to download the definition files automatically.

In order to find the machines to target with these updates, we need to make some DCM rules.

These DCM rules will allow us to populate collections dynamically based on the dates of their definition files.

This is fine for monthly security patches, however this process isn't very good when dealing with anti-virus updates since most vendors release updates multiple times a day.

FEP doesn't help matters much with this issue, and a lot of customers have had issues with not being able to leverage their SCCM distribution points.

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