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Understanding—and even helping people use—online dating sites requires us to remember that people are complicated and conflicted.

They are not just rational actors shopping for relationships.

Mobile dating app usage has grown from 3.7 minutes in June 2010 to 8.4 minutes in June 2011.

This is further evidence that supports Flurry’s recent report on mobile app usage dominating web browsing.

Considering this data, it seems that there’s a huge market opportunity in mobile dating and incorporating local and location-based functionality.

And it’s a trend that startups such as Like ALittle has caught onto.

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With respect to dating, Flurry tracks a large set of dating apps with more than 2 million total users.

Flurry measured this by looking at the proportion of unique users of dating services versus the total, per platform.

For the Internet, Flurry compared unique visitors of online dating sites versus the total number of people using the Internet, which totaled 12% in June 2010 and 13% in June 2011.

Or maybe you are just bored so responding to this apparently innocuous loser is better than watching and you're then surprised when they turn out to be kind of interesting.

Either way, you start exchanging some email or some IMs and, well, you start enjoying connecting with this person.

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