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I'll fix it, since I caused it." She surprised me by reaching into my briefs and adjusting my cock to lay flat against me by flattening it at the base.I was amazed at how matter-of-factly and clinically she did it.

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If that was a name, it was strange, but I'd like to think she had one.

My chauffer was impeccably dressed in crisp blue jodhpurs with an equestrian short waste coat and an ascot over a crisp white shirt.

Very tall and impressively shiny black riding boots were positioned above the pedals, prepared to commence the ride.

The Chauffer wore beautiful form fitting white leather gloves, with ornate seams.

One of the gloves was grasping the key in the ignition, poised to start the car.

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    After closely observing naturals who are masters at rapid escalations, and after a lot of discussion about this with guys like Christian Hudson and Nick Sparks, who have really tight game, I’ve discovered a VERY important enhancement to the push-pull and cocky-funny concepts.

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