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Whether celebrities are wearing current trends found on the runway or creating their own style, there is always something to be imitated.

Special event fashion reviews, such as dresses seen on the red carpet or at a music award show, are often included.

Health problems are also often featured, to raise awareness about dangerous health trends, such as anorexia, in hopes of educating women and curbing such trends.

Makeup is a popular topic in fashion and beauty magazines.

Celebrities also share their favorite beauty products and secrets that keep them looking svelte and ageless throughout their lives.

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There will be times as well when the magazines will be delivered through annual subscriptions.Fashion footwear is also added into the fashion pages of magazines, to complete an ensemble.Fashion is highly influenced by celebrities and the media.Under magazine distribution, there is a concept of paid circulation.Under this arrangement, the published materials like Date with a Dish will be distributed for a price.

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