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Jamie Bell has been busy since he first won our hearts playing an 11-year-old aspiring dancer in 2000’s Billy Elliot.He’s appeared in several films, including King Kong, Flags of Our Fathers, and The Adventures of Tintin, and last summer, he welcomed a baby boy with his wife, actress Evan Rachel Wood.You can enjoy contemporary dance like my buddy Channing Tatum, who’s an incredible physical dancer.And what he does is so relevant to now because it’s so of the time.Channing Tatum could just bust something out here and it would be amazing.And I’d be like, “I kind of need a studio and a top hat and a cane!“To be honest, when they sent me the show, whoever the covering agent was at my representation made a really hash job of describing what the show was.

Because otherwise he’s just setting everything up, and you never really see him win. She’s also kind of an amazing dancer…Between us, we’re a triple threat, because she’s got the singing, I’ve got the dancing, and we can both act. I used to play the guitar before the baby came, and I rarely do that anymore.

You go from one to the next to the next to the next. But I’m never rehearsing routines—I’m never doing anything like that.

In that regard, I was lucky that the focus wasn’t so heavy on me. Just having really good, solid people around you that you trust.”You have “tap dancer” in your Twitter bio. Tap dancing is a difficult thing because it’s so outdated, other than Stomp and trashcans and stuff like that—I mean, seriously?

Bell spoke with Parade about fatherhood, the surprising hardest thing about period acting, and why he wouldn’t want to play Billy Elliot again. “There had always been opportunities in television; for a number of reasons, it just never happened. I think when I first started out, when I was 13, 14, there was such a stigma. I came into the business with no stigmas, no preconceptions, but there always seemed to be such a stigma between film acting and TV acting.

I was so unaware of the rise of television, because I was just a teenager and not really paying attention to anything other than myself. It got really good, and they went, ‘Let’s just do movies on television.’ And when I figured that out, I was like, ‘Why would anyone not consider this? I didn’t really realize the kind of undertaking, what it required of you, but it’s a massive undertaking.”How good are you in real life at keeping secrets? I’m not someone who necessarily keeps secrets, but if someone were to give me something that needed to be held close to the chest, it would be very difficult to get it out of me.”Does being an actor help in that regard? It’s difficult with people that you love, like lying to my wife or lying to my manager who I’ve known for a very long time, that’s incredibly difficult.

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