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As a former newspaper reporter, she was honored by her peers with eleven journalism awards, including first place news writing for The Texas Press Association.

She was a humor columnist for The 1960 Sun in Houston.. She left her job as a journalist in 2008 to write novels fulltime.

In fact, a search of “purity” on Christian turns up 709 products.

As a teen, I was not a stranger to the purity movement.In context, sexual purity is part of a greater lifestyle of righteousness that is fueled by our relationship with Christ and His grace poured out on us.When we elevate the cause of sexual purity to the same level of importance as God himself, it becomes an idol.Someone in this position may feel more of a passion for modesty, and emotional and physical purity, than for experiencing a close and abiding relationship with Christ.I vividly remember a message on abstinence I heard as a teen.

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