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As said, most duplications appear to be happening when you receive an update for a meeting or when you modify a recurring item; see if this is also the case for you.In either case, you should start with disabling all the syncs that have been set up.Switch back to Calendar View and select your new date column in the Calendar Settings form.At this time there isn't a way to schedule a task to take place at a certain time, only a certain date.Each bar in the calendar will display the text from the Primary Column of the sheet or report.When parent rows are expanded in a sheet, bar colors for child rows can be set by right-clicking (PC) or Ctrl clicking (Mac) on the bar and selecting Color Settings.According to Chinese calendar, from February 05, 2019 to January 24, 2020 is Year of the Pig.

Often the cause of the duplication for recurring items is the fact that the mobile device or synching application that you are using does not support Outlook’s recurrence patters or exceptions to recurring items.In those cases individual items are being created on the other device which could be seen as new items during the next sync process and thus cause duplicates.For meeting invitations and updates, the origin usually lies with having your mobile device configured to collect only your email directly over-the-air and the mobile device also being capable of processing incoming meeting requests.All calendars can be downloaded free-of-charge and printed as many times as required.It may happen that a calendar does not properly fit the page when printed.

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