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I spent a few hours with tech support for the 2 laptops than won't link, both of which link with other wifi networks, relatives' or Mac Donalds restaurants. It sounds like those two computers are setup to use certificate authentication. I do not know about the other laptop,which I don't have with me here today. I am not too concerned if it can't connect with my home wifi network.

Right click your Wireless Network Connection and choose Properties.

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How can i get by-pass this so there is internet avaiable on her laptop again? Please give it a try and if it doesn't work please let me know by clicking on reply to expert. This time you should be able to join the network and get on the Internet. I get the following message : Security-enabled wireless network. OK so it says it is connected, but it isn't getting an actual IP address from the router. Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press R to bring up the Run window. To see if the access would work in the future, I re-booted the computer, rejoined the network manually successfully. Near the bottom of the window, highlight your network if it appears and then click the Properties button (let me know if you don’t see your network in the list). I tried to join it 'manually' and it worked - I was asked for the network password, typed it in and got to web pages - YEAAAAH !!!

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