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It will be kinda sad, even a bit tear-jerky , but I promise to give it as happy of an ending as I can!

M for later chapters of yummy Destiel smut ;)Dean Winchester is a serial killer, with a strange moral code. Cas has to go undercover as a priest and ends up doing a sermon...

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Cas listens to some lady angels talking & it gives him an idea so tests it out with Dean. Or he'd succumb to her, to her scent that drove him mad.

Janis, the co-founder of Our World for You, was born in London and raised in Kent and the Isle of Wight.

* DESTIEL * "But this might be some sort of stupidity, some sort of humanity, he might go through here. Enjoy JD/Cox: The death of JD's father starts a whole new set of problems when Dr.

After all Cas is kind of falling, and not in that 'falling down because of gravity' kind of way..."Twilight: Supernatural style! Basically the Supernatural characters in a Twilight an moves to Forks and Meets Castiel Cullen and discovers the dark secrets of Castiel's family.

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