Did mischa barton dating ben mckenzie

In fact, we're so pumped that we've cyber stalked all the stars of the hit series to find out what they've been up to since filming wrapped in 2007.

The California-based teen drama made its debut on streaming service Stan this week…and we're just a little bit over-excited.

“It sort of took me a minute to jump on board with what exactly was going on and why certain things were such triggers for people.”Following those more intense moments that Barton said “come in waves,” things do cool off and settle down.

Those moments also became more manageable and easier to get through for Barton once she found her footing, her friends and allies on the show, and when she learned what to expect from the OG crew of drama-starters.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), Ryan Atwood (Ben Mc Kenzie), Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson), and Marissa Cooper, famously portrayed by Barton. I think that's a beautiful thing in a world which is sometimes a little topsy turvy.” The show’s popularity sparked the MTV reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, which debuted in 2004, one year after The O. After Laguna Beach boasted two successful seasons, The Hills was born as a spinoff developed around the show’s star Lauren Conrad as she moved from her Orange County hometown to Los Angeles, interning at Teen Vogue with Whitney Port and attending fashion school with her at-the-time-BFF Heidi Montag, now Heidi Pratt. Her character, Marissa Cooper, was killed off in a car crash in the Season 3 finale, dying dramatically in her on-again, off-again boyfriend Ryan Atwood’s arms as the song “Hallelujah” played in the background. The reality series and genre-defining spinoff reality shows that were created based on The O.

was the mother to all of these shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills, The City, and all of that.”When The O. premiered on Fox in August 2003, the show about a group of teenagers set in Orange County, California, dominated public conversation. Always existing in a meta-universe of each other, The O. even poked fun at Laguna Beach by making jokes about Sherman Oaks: The Real Valley, a reality imitation of The Valley, both parody TV shows that Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa watched. was still on the air, although Barton left the scripted drama series in the same month. served as a career launching pad for the four young actors, and all of these years later, the show’s fandom is alive and well.

Barton said the experience has been very different from The O. and film projects she’s been a part of over the years.“There's no control on my end, really, as to what they're going to do in edit and what's really going to come out,” she said.

Oh and he "hated rich kids" until he dated one…Marissa Cooper.

Image: Warner Bros Television Rachel played Marissa's friend Summer Roberts, who was only meant to be in a few episodes of the hit series.

“It's funny how life does that to you.”When the 33-year-old actor wavered about whether to join the cast of The Hills: New Beginnings, the irony was not lost on her that her younger self played a role in setting this into motion when starring on The O. In 2017, Barton — represented by attorney Lisa Bloom — also reached a legal settlement with her ex-boyfriend after she said he threatened to release intimate photos and videos of her that she didn’t know he had been taking.

In recent years, Barton said she’s fully come to terms with the impact The O. has had.“You realize there are only handfuls of shows that people take to heart and take to their living rooms and their bedrooms at night and truly care about so deeply,” Barton said.“I'm still amazed by the fans of The O. C.’s popularity are still beloved by viewers, feeding interest in The Hills’ reboot 13 years after it first aired.“It does make me happy to see that these things are such a refuge and a fun way for people to really just disconnect and go off into Marissa Cooper land or The Hills land and, you know, enjoy that drama,” Barton said.

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