Death note dating sim walkthrough

There are instances throughout the part, generally related to remembering Joe, that cause this to increase.

Note that they may spoil you on what can potentially happen.

" Use VS to contrast Keiji's new statement with Q-taro's. Use the dart-loaded Revolver on the dartboard in the Game Room to win the Left Leg. Wipe its tears with the Torn Paper to get the Flathead Screwdriver. So when you repel them is irrelevant to when they reappear.) Return to the Central Hall. Switch the weight on the left scales, then go to the red "Sp" room to get the Bath Stopper from the drained bath. You get 1 Clear Chip from every attraction except Memory Dance, which gets you 2. You lose 10 for taking wrong discussion actions and regain 20 for correct ones.

Inspect the Dart or Revolver in your inventory, then choose to combine them. If you lit the candle and picked up the Bottle, the teddy bear should be crying. When masks appear, let go before their eyes open, touch them to repel them, then resume holding the green button. (Note that each face appears on a set "cycle," speeding up as you progress. (If you messed with the scale already, the water may be in the yellow "Sp" room instead.) Back in the mirror room, select the Bottle and pour it on the left ice sculpture. Enter the codes to open the black and white doors and enter each. During the Main Game, you start with 100 Clout, lose 10 for taking wrong discussion actions, and regain 20 for correct ones. Choosing Sou's topic at the start is optional; if skipped, it'll come up later instead. There are up to 9 day segments and 9 attractions, and you can't repeat attractions. View Sou's statement, and Kanna's face will change while it's up - click on her. (Failing loses you Clout, but with each failure, it gets easier to succeed.) Talk to Kanna.

Talk to everyone (using Extract) as they're available to get their introductions. Check the right stuffed animals in the Pink Room for Dummy Bullets. " from the Central Hall), check the vending machine to find a Cigar. Check the doll sitting on the chair up top for the Revolver, and talk to Keiji for the Live Bullets. The correct statements to object to are "got no experience," "leave it to Keiji," "got confidence," "puttin' everything on Sara," and "shootin' her own friend." You should save before starting in case of a game over. Use the Tools on the now-bloody floor tile on the left. Hang up the Painting (the one from the Red Room, picturing a man) just to the right of the gun painting on the left side. Hang them back up in the opposite positions: the one labeled "Left" on the right side, the one labeled "Right" on the left side. Go down to the Blue Room and take the doll you find there. Go down to the Cafeteria, unlock the door, and enter the Kitchen. Each attraction has a choice between three partners that offer different bonuses, effectively serving as difficulty levels.

In the war of words, you need at least 3 rebuttals to win favor. (If you lose the Dart by throwing it, it reappears in the Cafeteria.) Once you have all the limbs, go to the Back of Cafeteria, open the door, and attach the parts to the torso. Use the Tools (Flathead Screwdriver) to open the box on the right for an Allen Wrench. In the mirror room, place the Bath Stopper on the left scales to balance them. This means that "normally," you have to do every attraction to reach 10 - however, you can accept an extra Clear Chip from the Room of Lies, and buy two more from the shop, letting you skip a few attractions. (If you talked to Nao last, you have to leave and come back.) Touch the screen.

Card 2: If 3 energy at this point, 33/33/33 between Charge, Special, and Block.

In the Balance Battle, affirm Nao's "couldn't open the kitchen," affirm Nao's "it was thrown," deny Kai's "I would need a weakness," deny Nao's "had it out for Sou," and affirm Kai's "to steal something." Talk to Sou, and Joe will speak up. In the war of words, you need at least 4 rebuttals to win favor. A few are unavoidable (the intro puts you at 20), but most are from choosing a particular choice. Talk to Kanna and say "there isn't." Present the Four Papers to Kanna. Put the 1000-Yen Bill in the Passage to Bar vending machine for the Left Arm. After checking the Hidden Room, talking to Joe, and giving Kanna the clothes, go to the Game Room and you'll see a figure. Select the Lighter and light the candle on the left. Use the Two Needles on the clock, and set it to the right time for a Phillips Screwdriver. You can die in this minigame, so it's recommended you save first. Hold the green button to fill the bar whenever there aren't masks. (Optionally, talk to Kai in the Cafeteria on the way.) Choose Threat and pick either option. Go to the red "Sp" room on 2F and fill the Bottle with hot water. (Incidentally, if you check the screen again and choose to not leave, it's a game over.) Move to the Main Game Grounds. Note that the victim video Nao buys and watches with you on the night of Day 2 is not any of the three you can buy. Talk to him again, and he'll discover the 1000-Yen Bill. Return to Back of Cafeteria and move into the Hidden Room. Talk to Reko/Kanna in the Passage to Bar, and Reko will ask you to find clothes for Kanna. Go to the Blue Room to get some clothes, and bring them back to Reko in the Passage to Bar. Check the box on top of the bookcase, then the books, then the box again for the Two Needles. Choose Threat and pick "hotly." Choose Inquire and ask about the sounds, then if he'll help. Take a Flower from the left vase and place it in the right vase. Check the screen twice, then the food, then the screen. (And how many tokens you end with has only minor effects on Chapter 2, Part Two.) However, buying Clear Chips will let you skip doing one or two attractions - once you hit 10, you'll advance to the end. You can use it up to twice with only minor impact, but if you use it a third time, you get a bad ending. After unlocking the Medical Office and looking at Joe in the glass there (you're eventually forced to do so on Day 2, Noon), Safalin offers you use of a machine that resets the Hallucination Level to 0.

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