Dating ruining your love life

"One of the main complaints that women have when they go out is that people are hitting on them, giving them unwanted attention, and they don't have the mechanisms to just make those people go away," argued Jacques. Dating apps let you just swipe those problems away." Through good dates and bad ones, whether we look at traditional courtship or a simple "What's up?" on an app, Fisher believes in the resilience of romance."They put huge amounts of attention into their photograph—and for good reason.

You think about them and care about them so much that everything else kind of melts away." Modern Love columnist Daniel Jones pointed out in his opening keynote statement, we feel like love should be something we can get better at, something that we can solve: "We bring science and technology to it—but what I like about love is that none of that ever seems to work." The sequence of dating has also shifted in recent years, partly due to the fact that singles are living alone longer and getting married later in life.

The anti-online-dating camp argues that apps encourage people to treat others like objects in a transaction; that it's superficial.

"People routinely lie about their height, their age, their weight, their income," said Klinenberg.

Their opponents, WNYC's co-author Eric Klinenberg, argued that online dating has killed romance.

Who won, and more importantly, what were the arguments for (and against) dating in the world of apps?

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