Dating old postcards

Real photo postcards with baseball subjects are popularly collected by vintage baseball card and memorabilia collectors, and prime examples of famous players and teams can fetch big bucks at auction.However, real photo postcards can be found with a wide range of subjects, including other sports, movie stars, politicians, nature and animals.If this text exists, they will be found in the stampbox.The stampbox is the little square in the upper right hand corner that the stamps are placed on.Reverse After 1902, postcard backs were divided by a line down the middle—one side for the address and the other for the message.Real photo postcards are postcards with genuine photographic images on the fronts.If it exists, it is more noticeable at the edges and in the dark areas of the image, and when viewed at a specific angle to the light.If you change the angle of the photo to a light source, the silvering will become stronger and darker, sometimes disappearing.

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Many of these show celebrities such as movie stars, sports stars and politicians.Stampbox Markings Dates AGFA ANCO 1930s — 1940s ANSCO (2 stars at top and bottom) 1940s — 1960 ARGO 1905 — 1920 ARTURA 1910 — 1924 AZO (Squares in each corner) 1925 — 1940s AZO (4 triangles pointing upward) 1904 — 1918 AZO (2 triangles up, 2 triangles down) 1918-1930 AZO (diamonds in corners) 1907 — 1909 AZO (nothing in corners) 1922 — 1926 CYKO 1904 — 1920s DEFENDER (diamond above & below stampbox) 1910 — 1920 DEFENDER (diamond inside stampbox) 1920 – 1940 Devolite Peerless 1950 and later DOPS 1925 — 19 — 1950 EKKP 1904 — 19 — 1970 KODAK 1950 — present KRUXO (nothing in corners) 1907 — 1920s KRUXO (Xs in corners) 1910 — 1920s NOKO 1907 — 1920s PMO 1907 — 1915 SAILBOAT 1905 — 1908 SOLIO (diamonds in corners) 1903 — 1920s VELOX (diamonds in corners) 1907 — 1914 VELOX (squares in corners) 1901 — 1914 VELOX (4 triangles pointing up) 1909 — 1914 VITAVA 1925 — 1934 Postally mailed postcards will have the dated postage cancellation stamp. In fact, the blank backed Pinkerton Postcards were confirmed to be vintage (there were doubts by some collectors), because a few were found to have been used as postcards with 1910s postmarks on the backs.As old postcards can easily be reprinted on home computer printers these days, the following are some additional tips for telling the difference between vintage and modern reprints.You can find examples picturing everyone from Ty Cobb to Red Grange to Greta Garbo to Thomas Edison.Some famous sports photographers sold real photo postcards.

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