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more milfoil and aquatic week management, additional alum injected into the lake, and the cost for more electricity to run both water quality systems (alum and oxygen-aeration) longer next year. Assessment Maps Update – Current Status: The Board of County commissioners has been petitioned to appoint a Board of Appraisers (BOA) to reconsider, revise, and/or reaffirm the classification and relative percentages of the parcels within the NLFCZD under RCW 86.09.

The objective is for the BOA to determine/reassess the benefits each parcel derives from both 1) flood control and 2) stormwater management undertaken by the NLFCZD, and then based on those benefits, reconsider, review and/or reaffirm the current "classification" of each parcel with respect to each of those two purposes of the Flood Control Zone District, fairly distributing the costs of the District among as many benefited parcels as allows by law.

The Attorney General's Office is authorized to bring legal action only in the name of the State of Washington, and is prohibited from serving as an attorney for individual consumers.

We have found that many of the constituent inquiries fall into the same categories.If a business refuses to respond or to make an adjustment, we cannot compel them to do so.We inform consumers of alternatives if our complaint resolution service is not successful.Another consideration is how likely our action will be in discouraging unfair practices in the future. I am a sportive lady ( Third party contractor ) with 1,76m height, 79 kg sportive healty body. I would like to think my personality is the same always but to ..

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