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“We raised our children in a Christian home, but our 18 year old daughter is dating a Mormon who has convinced her to start meeting with Mormon missionaries.We are concerned she is thinking about becoming a Mormon, and we need information on how best to handle this situation.” OUR RESPONSE: We often receive inquiries from concerned parents whose son or daughter is dating a Mormon.If she agrees to this meeting, you are well on your way to being able to have a heart-to-heart discussion with her. ESTABLISH COMMON GROUND AND ADDRESS HER OBJECTIONS.A good way to start your meeting with your daughter is to ask her what she sees in this young man that has captured her interest in him and his religion.Thus, we recommend that the best way to approach your daughter in this situation is to emphasize that while you have “concerns” about her choice to date this Mormon man, you will always love her as your daughter, no matter what choice she makes in regard to this relationship.Let her know that you recognize that she is “of age” to make her own decisions for life and that she is responsible to embrace the life-long consequences of her actions.

How would marrying someone who has a different view of “God” affect your ability to worship and serve the true God?OBJECTION #2: YOUR DAUGHTER THINKS HER LDS BOYFRIEND IS A CHRISTIAN: Even though in the first part of your conversation with your daughter, you attempted to address any concerns she had about her own faith in comparison to Mormonism, she may still claim that these differences are insignificant and that she believes her Mormon boyfriend is indeed a “Christian” because he “believes in Jesus Christ.” Are you prepared to explain why her LDS boyfriend’s “belief” in “Jesus Christ” is not the same as her belief?Mormonism uses Christian terminology with completely different meanings.Then, explain that because you love her, you feel a responsibility as her parents to share the concerns you have over this relationship, but this in no way reflects a desire to “run” or “control” her life.At this point, it would be good to ask if she would be willing to engage in an open and honest dialogue with you over her reasons for dating this LDS young man and what interests her about Mormonism.

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