Dating monroe washington

General Lee had been captured by the British on December 12, when he ventured too far outside the protection of his troops in search of more comfortable lodgings (or, according to rumors, a possible assignation).Soon after, another 1,000 militiamen from Philadelphia under Colonel John Cadwalader joined Washington.In the retreat across New Jersey Washington had lost precious supplies, as well as losing contact with two important divisions of his army.General Horatio Gates was in the Hudson River Valley and General Charles Lee was in western New Jersey with 2,000 men.While Washington at first took quarters across the river from Trenton, he moved his headquarters on December 15 to the home of William Keith so he could remain closer to his forces.

Planned in partial secrecy, Washington led a column of Continental Army troops across the icy Delaware River in a logistically challenging and dangerous operation.Washington had ordered both generals to join him, but Gates was delayed by heavy snows en route, and Lee, who did not have a high opinion of Washington, delayed following repeated orders, preferring to remain on the British flank near Morristown, New Jersey.The pending loss of forces, the series of lost battles, the loss of New York, the flight of the Army along with many New Yorkers and the Second Continental Congress to Philadelphia, left many in doubt about the prospects of winning the war.This was a time for the generals to regroup, re-supply, and strategize for the upcoming campaign season the following spring.Washington encamped the army near Mc Konkey's Ferry, not far from the crossing site.

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