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“So whenever I go to see him, he will have a pen and book with him, he got a lot of information, one by one he will tick,” Sangkari said when sharing how he would tick off items on his checklist to be shared with her.“He said maybe I am too focused in his case and I don’t watch pregnancy programmes, so he will do that for me,” she added, having acknowledged however that most of her time outside of her work is spent on his case, such as doing research and dealing with lawyers.Pannir Selvam also recently requested reading materials on 20 prominent individuals, including Nelson Mandela, Lee Kuan Yew, Abraham Lincoln, Marco Polo and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, with the family managing so far to provide him with printouts from online encyclopaedia Wikipedia on close to half of the personalities on his list and purchasing a book on Dr Mahathir for him.Sangkari said: “After the new government took over, he closely monitored the news, he wants to know what is happening in Malaysia. If given a second chance in life, he wants to work with prison outreach officers to educate others on drug abuse prevention and support prison reform programmes.

’ He said ‘You know right, I have no friends, I got not much friends, this Anand he has some friends, very true friends, and he also knew some brothers, if we are in trouble, they really will come forward and help’,” she said.She noted that Pannir Selvam feels guilty for putting his family in this situation, but she would express support every month and tell him the family will do their best and try to save him until the end.Pannir Selvam at the age of eight, with his younger sister Angelia whose expenses he helped out with during her university days and who he later shared study tips with during his jail term.For this close-knit family from Ipoh, trouble started five years ago when the then-27-year-old Pannir Selvam was arrested on September 3, 2014, after Singapore authorities — in a random check — discovered the four packets of granular substance totalling 1.83kg he was carrying contained 51.84 grammes of the diamorphine drug.The third child, Pannir Selvam, was active in sports in school and was a school runner for ACS Ipoh.

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