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Admittedly, I never got any action in clubs or bars and I was very bad at meeting girls in those kinds of social situations, but then again, I didn't frequent those all too often either.My previous girlfriends I met through friends and mutual acquaintances, no big problem there.Last time my roommates and I went to a club together, one of them went home with a man, and didn't seem to feel "used".For some odd reason, casual sex is only dirty and shameful if its done by a woman.If all you want is one night stands etc, then I suggest you try using a 'personals' site or something and being honest about what you are looking for.Try to come over as honest, but not arrogant (not saying that you have on here, jut be careful). @ Bron "[...] being used in that way" [rolls eyes] Aha..if a woman looks for a one night stand with a man, is she "using" him?Have you considered that they might think the opposite? Clubs are not always the best places to find people as between alcohol and strangers you get mixed messages. What I meant was that they were one of the things I might be looking for.

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I've known women (particularly, friends of my ex, who were Chinese) who specifically went to clubs in order to find men to go home with."..then you tought it would just drop from the sky and fall onto your lap in China." (*facepalm*) I had been told by several people that it would be very easy for foreigners to meet and hook up with girls here.Since I'll only be here for about a half a year I'd like to try out more casual dating or one night stands than looking for anything serious.Second, I never implied that I was particularly looking for a one night stand or a "fling". My exact intentions were and are not as specified as "one night stands" or "flings", even though I would be perfectly open to that.Ras, you implied (and later stated) that you were looking for flings.

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