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That’s critical because the reason most containers fail is they exceed available memory limits, he said.

Duimovich also predicted that Kotlin will be the next big variant of Java to be adopted in the enterprise.

Wild Fly 10 adds the ability to deploy a given application as a "singleton deployment".

In addition to the offline CLI support for standalone mode, you can now launch a host-controller locally within the CLI.However, he added, it won’t be too long before other variants of Java start employing similar concepts.Other major Java predictions for 2018, Duimovich noted, will be optimization of Java runtimes for serverless computing frameworks and a more regular six-month release cycle for incorporating new functions in Java.The increased rate of Java innovation can be attributed to an Oracle decision made last fall to place Java Enterprise Edition under the auspices of the Eclipse Foundation, said Duimovich.At the same time, IBM moved to open-source its implementation of a Java virtual machine.

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