Dating guide review guide

Paying For Everything (Don’t Do It)Now for the payments involved with using the site.

They offer a membership fee to anyone that wants to become a member of the actual USASex Guide site.

I’d say 90% of them are ugly local hookers that will do just about anything for money, including give you an STD. Just think of the number of scumbag dudes that smash these gross girls.

Basically, you up your chances of getting HIV or AIDS if you use this site.

I spent a good portion of time searching the website and looking for local women to meet and fuck.

One of those options was the USASex Guide and I hate to say it but it was one of the worst dating decisions I’ve made to date.

Fear not, I am going to tell you every reason why you need to avoid this horrible site.

Assuming that you’ve never used any type of sites like Craigslist or Backpage, then you might not totally understand what this site is all about.

I’ll fill you in on it right now with a quick rundown of things…The USA Sex Guide is literally a guide or review site that helps you meet people to hook up with.

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