Dating go with the flow

Things That Stop the Flow of Love In my dating life and many of my relationships, I wasn’t able to flow.

Instead, like many women, here’s how I approached love.

In other words, I believed the stories I created about these questionable and doubtful things, and in the process, asked friends and family what they thought was going on.

Many times, the assumptions I made, caused me to misinterpret the truth.

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When I finally learned to be more forthcoming about my concerns, I made less assumptions and experienced things with more ease.Embrace that these behaviors have given you the awareness to learn, grow and become wiser.And know that you can approach love with more ease.5 Ways to Let Love Unfold Naturally Practice these 5 ways and experience your journey to love with more ease.I approached love in ways that prolonged my disappointment and pain, keeping me from the love I desired.Perhaps you’ll recognize yourself in some of these things I did.

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