Dating game questions for bridal shower Paybyphonsexcam

What percentage of the housework would your spouse say they do?When was the last time you and your spouse had a long passionate kiss?

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See Also: Love Messages, Bible Verses About Love What is the honeymoon destination that your spouse would most likely choose for a second honeymoon? Who do you think is smarter or has the higher IQ – you or your spouse?

What colour was the front door in the first place you lived together? Every wedding has some detail that doesn’t go as smoothly as hoped. If you had 2 weeks and money was not much of an object, where would you go? What is the oddest location you’ve ever shared a kiss? How would you express your love for your partner on Valentine’s Day? Does your spouse prefer a bikini or one-piece swimsuit?

If you had 0 you could spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy? If you could have constant access to one store, what store would it be? When your spouse leaves the house, what time is it? Who would your spouse say was the “better catch” out of the two of you? You have saved your family, pets, and the family photos. What was the biggest thing that went wrong at yours? What was the best vacation you’ve ever taken together? What’s the silliest thing your spouse has ever done?

This game gives everyone a chance to show how well they know the bride-to-be by answering bridal shower trivia game questions about the bride!

After taking the quiz, the bride reveals her answers.

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