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These alternatives are testable by selecting human and organic osseous points, as well as animal bones, for renewed AMS dating. A total of 10 samples from Vindija Cave were selected for AMS radiocarbon dating (Table 1).

These included three previously dated Neanderthal specimens (Vi-207, Vi-208, and Vi-33.19), as well as a fourth Neanderthal bone (Vi-*28) discovered using zooarchaeology by mass spectrometry (Zoo MS) screening.

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That he felt entitled to put you in the awkward position where you now sit, absent encouragement from you, is proof enough of that. Are you willing to have jealous colleagues ascribe your well-earned achievements to sexual prowess?

It’s even possible that what made the date so “amazing” was the frisson of doing something you both know is sort of forbidden — at least before signing forms in triplicate with H. Still, I don’t want to be the man who robs you of a potentially great love.

Many of us know one couple (from a much larger pool) who beat the odds of lopsided office romance and ended up happily (enough) ever after. ” If so, keep asking other advice columnists until one says no in a very firm voice. But let’s not mix business with pleasure.”We live downstairs from an avid smoker who left her cigarette butts by our shared back door.

Here’s hoping she takes your reasonable message to heart. (I order mine medium.) The waiters are very nice about taking them back to the kitchen. The culprit: What passes for a burger these days could handily feed a family of four.

But my husband is nearly finished with his meal by the time my burger returns. Those giant patties require a long time on the grill before getting to “medium.” Explain this recurring problem to your waiters and ask for their vigilance.

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