Dating behaviour

But how much of it translates to IRL dating behaviour?Research shows Indian singles don’t pay attention to traditional dating rules or gender-related responsibilities, so it may be time for a dating rule upgrade.

Dating is hard, but it won’t get easier by putting a Band-Aid over bad behaviour and calling it something that trivialises the actions and feelings involved.But, by giving a term to that grey area between casual sex and serious relationship, we’re only helping couples avoid the scary On paper, the guy I'm dating and I are in a situationship.But since I have to have boundaries in order to exist in a relationship, we’ve hammered that shit out, and drawn our lines in the sand.It started with "ghosting" — when the person you’re seeing disappears out of the blue and you’re convinced they’ve died or have been rendered mute.Then there was "breadcrumbing" — when a person you want to date and/or get naked with sends out a series of non-committal text messages that slowly drive you insane.

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