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I doubt that a chemical reaction or any scientific explanation can really explain all the feelings and complex emotions felt in the beginning of courtship.

A lot of it just doesn’t make sense, and that’s part of the beauty of love.

28 at the Being Human conference, a daylong event focused on the science and mystery of the human experience.

Several brain chemicals, including dopamine and testosterone, play a role in a person's drive toward romance, sex and other rewards, Fisher said.

When deep in the throes of love, in between the sleepless nights, heart palpitations and whirling butterflies, it is hard to imagine that such a high will ever fade. The ecstatic feeling when together and the obsessive missing when apart starts to calm down.

But for many, that intense high when diving headfirst into full-blown, consummated love eventually starts to come down, and soon, you find that your heart isn’t beating as fast as it used to.

The pedestal that your new love once sparkled so brightly on suddenly starts to look a little dull.

The “I can’t take my hands off you” hunger turns into the “I’m really tired” snooze. Or perhaps it’s just the the natural cycle of the dopamine daze wearing off.

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What makes people fall in love with one person and not another?In no way am I implying to avoid the sensations of lust and passion.I’m a big believer in love and healthy relationships.Perhaps it’s a good idea to take things slow, enjoy the dating process and not rush the flow.Everyone has their own timeline, some faster than others.

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