Dating an iranian american man

Like millions of other Islamic women in Iran, Naderzadeh, a makeup artist and model, grudgingly accepts she must follow strict rules that dictate how she lives her life, down to the clothing she can wear in public.

She wears the mandatory hijab, a headscarf that hides her hair and neck, in keeping with the teachings of the Muslim faith and the Quran.

She had applied a heavy layer of foundation, eye shadow and lipstick.

Bright pink polish was painted on her fingernails, white on her toenails.

A young couple in a cafe spoke of how they had recently traveled to a remote rural location in northern Iran for a weekend of secret nude sunbathing, an extremely serious transgression here.

Several of their friends in the cafe confirmed the clandestine trip.

"It’s been directly advised by the prophet (Mohammad, the founder of Islam), so it’s really necessary.

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"In Iran, the safest place in the country is your home.While it's not confirmed that they're dating, people have fallen in love with him and have taken to stalking his Instagram profile.ISFAHAN, Iran – In a nation where police arrest, interrogate and force women to make public apologies for posting "un-Islamic" selfies and "promiscuous" videos of themselves dancing on Instagram, Kimia Naderzadeh, 19, is not interested in testing the limits of laws that clearly treat her as vastly inferior to a man.It is bordered by Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Ever since Britney Spear's new music video "Slumber Party" premiered, people have been going crazy over the Iranian guy in the video, Sam Asghari.

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