Dating a pimp tyra show dating instincts

The underclass have long since discarded the morality of squares, knowing full well that the overworld wasn’t meant for them, they have no middle-class illusions about the dark side of human nature.

Black men in America until recent history had few options for financial success so instead of traditional avenues, many turned to the underground economy which would allow them more success and dignity than a low-paying square job.

Black men have long been fiercely resistant to working a chump job for a white boss which they saw correctly as a return to slavery.

Running a hustle or “game” was seen as the only way to retain their manhood in a world built to keep them down.

Since I was young I’ve always been fascinated by pimps, how a man could have women worship him and pay him all the money they made from fucking other men was a mystery to me.

Over the last decade I’ve studied the pimp and it’s given me some massive insights on life and women that I wanted to share with you guys.

A true, by-the-book pimp aims to solve all his problems through his pimping.

Contrary to popular belief, a ho is not forced into the game by a pimp, most ho’s are already planning on selling their body before she meets a pimp because she wants to ho.

The pimp game was born in the underworld which is a microcosm of the overworld, except the players are better informed, sharper, and more ruthless.Forcing her into the game would be unsustainable because the pimp would eventually end up in jail for trafficking or have his ho run off when he’s not around.True by-the-book pimps don’t force women to do anything, women choose to be with them. A lot of people think the girl needs the pimp to protect her, and while the pimp does provide protection, it’s more of an illusion than a reality.Pimping is a mental game and a pimp needs a razor sharp mind to control women who make a living out of separating men from their money.It’s not about violence either, using violence means you’ve run out of game.

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