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I tried to get a visiting order for Valentine’s Day or the weekend before, but because of the time of year, the visits get snapped up. I’m not very good at sentimentality, so I find Valentine’s Day extra hard.

Without the physical intimacy, couples must rely solely on verbal and written communication to maintain a romantic relationship.“We’re really struggling to keep the spark in our relationship,” says Nina*, a 33-year-old mother of two from London.

But, she notes, “making a thing of it like that can highlight the loss for anyone who doesn’t have their loved one with them, so we try to keep it modest.”Those lucky enough to get visits on Valentine’s Day won’t get any special treatment, however.

Lauren says the set-up remains the same, and while some officers — herself included — might allow a discretionary extra kiss at the end of the visit, Valentine’s Day is treated like any other visiting day, except perhaps for some paper hearts here and there.

But as a general rule, to qualify for a conjugal visit, inmates must have a clean record of good behavior and must not have been convicted of a sexual assault.

Other conditions fall onto the visitors themselves.

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