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Thanks, My Orange Hey My Orange, I bought this template when it was version 1.3.I manually converted it to Angular JS and have had great success. I had to slice and dice the template so much to make it work with my Angular setup but I think I'll go ahead and upgrade to 1.4.1 despite the effort it will take.Thanks, My Orange Hello, Yes this is possible but not right out of the box, currently the "#" hash tag triggers a jquery event, you have to change the mechanics of how the URL is addressed. Smart Message Box has an option to switch the sound on/off. Please let me know if you have any other questions :)Thanks, My Orange Hi and thanks for your response and the addition to the todos concerning the wizards.For example you could add a data-attribute-link to your nav items instead of the actual link, you then need to program this and integrate it to the "load URL" function, so instead of calling the URL you will be calling the data-attribute that contains the page link. If you try to add class="smart-form" to the bootstrap wizard's form in order to use the template's form elements, every content above the header loses its margins and the form-actions panel is extended over the wizards width.I am using php version as a template and the form (form-options.php) Registration form. If possible it would be better if you extended bootstrap's grid with better visual styles but leave the widths as they are.. Do a search for ".mp3" and you can change the names of the ones you like The built-in method:1.I have a problem in validating using the "select2" class. unless you plan to implement the above boostrap functionalities. where/how can I add my own sounds or change the sound for each individual smart notification? When declearing the call method you can specify the sound name in the settings "sound_file: 'your_sound_name'," (there needs to be an mp3 and ogg versions of the same sound file) The override:1.You can still use both but you will lose the local Storage benefit. If you wish for this feature (open in new tab) you must use the PHP HTML Version or the Angular JS version instead. For the layout that is not a problem, but i have a contact modal popping and the bottom part is not shown because it uses the body area to display.To do so, open the file and turn off localstorage for Jarviswidget, you will then be able to use an Animate and also Jarviswget. There are only one thing that i want to see in future updates:- Support of history API, instead of current ajax nav realization with hashes It is not so important, and could be made for a few minutes. Hello, Everything is already being pushed in history, even with the hashtags. Is it possible for me to do a quick adaptation to the CSS, without destroying the layout ;)? When I use the Easy Pie Chart, the initial animation is correct.

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One thing that would be nice is a stripped down version completely free from all the demo stuff.Thanks, My Orange Thank you so much, I'm working on it. Smart Admin - the best and most unique control panel at the moment. I have also checked the source code of smart notification. One more thing about the template's grid system, it lacks the functionality to specify different layouts on different widths (classes col-md, col-lg, etc), so im thinking of using bootstrap's grid with your form elements for example like this but im not really sure it works as expected inside a smart-form.Your code is very well documented and any novice programmer can understand it and apply it. I'll wait for updates) First congratulations on your work. For example you have this rule: @media screen and (max-width: 600px) { .smart-form ... Open up "Smart Notification" JS file from the COMMON_ASSETS folder.2.Access to society journal content varies across our titles.If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.

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